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i love gymnastics and dance but not as much as i love writing

  • vickiie_ malik12
    how do u put up storys im new and i really dont know how plz help
    Trying To Escape. *COMPLETE*
    Trying To Escape....
    Riley has lived a fairly normal life. Except she does boxing, kick boxing, and karate. So I guess you could say that she's pretty trained in self-defense. Now most people would think that unless you want...
    5 years ago
    you can scroll over the 'stories' bar and click 'New Movella'
    or you can scroll over the 'me' bar right next to the 'stories' one on the top of the screen and you click the 'New Movella' button
    or you can click your profile then theres a little button that says 'New Movella'
    so there ya go
    5 years ago
    wait you cant do the last one the one about your profile sorry i forgot but you can do the other ones
    vickiie_ malik12
    5 years ago
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