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  • xscaramelie
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    This book was so well written, I literally felt as if I was there with the characters. I also felt like crying when he proposed. You know, this book had me hooked from chapter one. I was just scrolling through the 'recent' category, and saw the cover. I fell in love with the book and the original plot. Thank you for writing this amazing story :*
    Youth ~A 1D Fanfiction~
    Youth ~A 1D Fanfic...
    Lena is all work and no play... Lena, age twenty-one, just wants to graduate college and get a good job and off the sublease for the apartment, maybe even save up for a house. But balancing adult responsibilities...
    4 years ago
    I'm so glad you enjoyed! I made the cover myself actually, I know it's not that good but I was proud of it hahaha
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