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Hello there. I'm Audria. I'm just an irrelevant little ratchet who likes to spend her time stalking five homosexuals named One Direction and a pothead known as Ed Sheeran on the internet rather than trying to have a real life.

I like to draw, but I'm bad at it, so I write instead because it is something that I feel like I'm good at the most.

If I call you with mate or you love giraffes or whale, I might consider you as a good friend.

  • VegasNights

    mumbled "Sorry."

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    I'm sorry that I delete Wild Things. It's just that I'm currently writing a Harry Styles story, which I'm going to publish tomorrow, and I forgot all the ideas I have for Wild Things. After this Harry Styles story finishes, I'm going to re-publish Wild Things. I'm so sorry everyone. xx
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