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  • VampireFreak
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    Make them turn me into a vampire and I want to marry Jacob
    Twilight Truth Or Dare
    Twilight Truth Or...
    All the characters from Twilight are locked in a run down cabin in the middle of a huge wood in the middle of nowhere. No one can hear their cries for help, and the phone line is dead. JezzaRat (being...
  • VampireFreak
    Hmmm... Hav them all sit in a room watching the queen getting killed while in their underwear and make them eat raw fish
    I Have 1D Under My Control
    I Have 1D Under...
    For all you 'One Direction' haters out there, and the random mad screaming girl fan here and there. This is the book where you can request the 5 members of 1D to do anything! Wouldn't you love to get a...
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