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loves read anime, loves watching anime, playing video, reading other books, and i love tacos

  • vampire gurl
    It's so amazing, I love it.
    I'm Sorry I'm Strong
    I'm Sorry I'm Stro...
    Julie Lowanson is the most popular girl at school. Her beautiful and skinny body, smooth and long hair that went just above her waist, and her delicate but sweet voice made every boy fall in love with...
  • vampire gurl
    I luv the 1st of chapter of "young love"!!!
    Young Love
    Young Love
    They had felt it,the connection between human and Angel was about to change forever.Lexi didn't know much about humans,Jasper didn't know Lexi's secret until her father had forced them not to hangout.Which...
    vampire gurl
    3 years ago
    tht is so awesome n cool
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