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- Giving up is not an option. There are too many people who come close to their destiny and loose it because they quit too soon. Don't let that be you. -

Hello Peps
Welcome to my Movellas, I have simple things that I like, Hetalia, Spyro, dragons, and fantasy.
My stories are based on words I will never be able to say to the world, words that I will never be able to talk with anyone about. The stories you read from me, more likely have a deeper meaning, but sometimes it can be I'll be the only one understanding this.

Anyway, you can call me Nathan, Nate or Nat, though my real name is Nathaniel. I'm 19 years old. That's what you need to know about me

Enjoy your stay!

  • Birdies Sunflower

    mumbled "Still alive"

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    So, hello again everyone!
    Just want to update and say that I haven't died. I have kind of moved away from Movellas to Tumblr. Currently, I have an RP blog for aph America, where I'm the most active. I write daily, and if you do have a Tumblr it's a good way to keep in touch with me and my current works :)
    Can be found here if anyone's interested;
  • Birdies Sunflower

    mumbled "Hello!"

    How's everyone!
    Sorry for not being alone, at all! XD
    Louise McBear
    2 years ago
    That's good. Well, as always, if you would like someone to read anything, I'm here! :-)
    Birdies Sunflower
    I'm actually working on a story, where it would be cool if someone could read it. Though first when I finish the first draft.
    Louise McBear
    2 years ago
    Okay. The next couple of weeks are exams, so I probably won't be on here much, but after that I'm happy to read it.
  • Birdies Sunflower
    Til nummer 2, må man gerne skrive i 3. person, eller skrive som en karakter og ikke sig selv? Har nemlig en ide, men skal vide om jeg skal skrive mine egne oplevelser, eller om jeg gerne må opdigte nogen + karakterer.
    2 years ago
    Det må du gerne - ellers havde det stået der. Og der er jo ingen, der kan vide, om det rent faktisk ER dine egne oplevelser, eller om det hele er opdigtet. ;)
    Birdies Sunflower
    Super, tak skal du have :D
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