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23years old single male writing his conversations with his soul, mind and body trying to reach the right balance to be able to cross a bridge that is thinner than a hair.

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    Hi its a nice poem, but i dont think any human deserves to be loved like that. I keep my heart as a temple for God and through him i love others. :)
    The Suffering
    The Suffering
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    Bro i gotto tell you that you did an awsome job with writing this. I really liked it! You know the bad habbit of biting your nails when your watching a movie? Thanks to you i have no nails left :D But i have to say that there is more to life than what we see and agree with you on the school idea. School is a waste of time, its sad that we have to study for years just to get a job at wallmart etc :D This life is boring, becouse we are not seeing it for what it is. Only a dream. Hard to explain in one comment, but if you feel like hearing more just comment back :P Gratz. I usty play alot, but even that got boring, but am happy that if you set a goal you achieve it. :) Good luck Armstrong ;)
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    Hi. Thanks for reading my story, and for taking the time to comment on it. I appreciate it. I'm sorry about your nails :) But I'm really glad you liked the story. I think that Daniel is going to have a lot more nail-biting and eye-opening adventures before his story is done.
    I checked out your writing too - your poetry is great. You pack a lot of emotion and philosophy into your words.
    Very best wishes to you
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    I have to say that time is the most valuable thing and this is worth the time :) Love it
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    The true reflectio...
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    I'm glad ya liked it :)
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