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For those who desire to listen to what inspires me then here is my spotify stared playlist: https://play.spotify.com/user/1168696772/starred

Congratulations for making possibly the worst desicion of your life. But all are welcome. I have to admit my spelling is atrocious and yet I still write.
If any of you are on fanfiction.net then I am unstoppable9069 if you like fanfiction.

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    Roberta Charmian. (It is like a double surname but it is my first name.)
    (CLOSED) Name Definitions
    (CLOSED) Name Defi...
    Comment your name and I'll find the definition of it! *Cover made by Fangirling Expert*
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    I love this story.

    I like how you jump straight into it like Tris entering dauntless for the first time. It did seem a little confusing at first but I didn't see the bit about the 2020 section. IT IS AMAZING!!!! :)

    Please miss may I have some more?
    Mars One
    Mars One
    "I start to practice in the small, white, square homes. They are 6 and half feet tall, and 12 feet in diameter. There is a love seat, closet, twin sized bed, a corner sink, a toilet-hole thing, a large...
    Lavern L.C.
    3 years ago
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    Thanks! I will upload a new chapter sometime this week! :-)
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    1. Charmian Sophia Monroe
    2. Red hair (weasly red), hazel eyes, short for her age, fifteen,
    3. crazy, swears when stressed, die hard fangirl, protective when it comes to family, very sassy, violent when she gets flighting, likes to pick fights, the kid that normally gets bullies, sunny attitude (pun intended)
    4. Apollo
    5. dagger
    6. Likes to insult the gods, good with healing, singing and music in general.
    Camp Half-Blood: In Demigods We Trust
    Camp Half-Blood:...
    Camp Half-Blood, with a few new characters. Hope you like it!
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    I vote for number 3
    Even though it is mine I have worked hard on it and I am proud even though I have dropped grades over it.
    The Flower in the Weeds
    The Flower in the...
    Is your movella a flower in the weeds? Is your movella a hidden gem? Please, read this movella, and submit your story.
    Lavern L.C.
    3 years ago
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    I got to the point of almost selling my soul to finish those books.
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