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I`m from a little town in WV. I`m tottally in love with one Direction, Union J, and Austin Mahone!!!! I love to write stories and my mom said I was awsome so dose all my friends but i just think I`m O.K. but whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mahomie directioner and Jcat for life!!!

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    I'm thinking of doing a contest!! Best comment gets a dedication and be a new cares tee!
    Why Can`t He Love Me???? (one direction fanfiction)
    Why Can`t He Love...
    hey this is my first story so hope you like it!!!!! Tesa Mark is a normal girl her and her best friend Victoria Jones(Vicky) live in England. Vicky is a singer signed to syco records and Tesa is...
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    I'm a big mahomie if u can't tell!! I love writing stories almost as much as I love Austin and the Crew!! Once a Mahomie always a Mahomie!! Mahomie forever and always!! You can HURT us!! You can BREAK us!! But you can NEVER SHOOTUSDOWN!!<3!! I'm an original Mahomie!! Been here since the very first day and I'm never leaving his side!! Forever supporting that goofy 14 year old from San Antonio Texas!! I love him with all my heart!! I love writing music and if ya ask I'll show u some of my songs some time!! I wish I could be a singer!! I love shopping and music!! My picture will NEVER be of me bc I'm ugly!! Haha no joke I truly am!! I'm 13 I'm turning 14, 15 days after Austin turns 14 for the 4th time haha!! I'm just hoping to get my dream of being Austin U girl!!<3!! I have brown hair and my eyes are NEVER the same color for long periods of time!!
    Twitter: Kenna_Bug419
    SnapChat:Haha in ya dreams
    Kik:Taylor_419 messaging about the story updates only bc I'm nice like that!! Or to talk!!
    Instagram:MakennaMahone bc I'm basic
    Vine:Don't have one!!
    FB:Haha how about Noo!!
    My story fans are called my little skittles another Mahomie joke!!! SOO yeah haha YEE only old Mahomies will get that!! Love ya stay strong!! Ever need to talk I'm here!!

    "Music can change your life! I went from the quite kid in the back of tht class to touring all around the world meeting my beautiful Mahomies! They mean the WORLD to me!! I wouldn't be here without them!! I love u guys!!"~Austin Mahone
    Just a little bit about me!! Haha love y'all!!<33
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    Update update update plz!!! I love this story already!!!!
    Everything has changed
    Everything has cha...
    One direction have been split up for 17 years now.The boys havent seen eachother in 15 years.What happens when their kids all end up in the same highschool and are all friends in the same group?Will...
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    This is really good plz update soon!!!!!
    Sympathy Boy
    Sympathy Boy
    Liam Payne was the boy who was bullied at school, the one who had nobody attend his sixteenth birthday party. No one but me. I was the only one. He was the boy I felt sympathy for.
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