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What is JUST in a world,
You've ripped in two,
As if there could be,
A half for me,
A half for you.

What is FAIR when,
There is nothing,
Left to share.

What is YOURS when,
Your pain is mine to bear,
This sad math is mine,
This mad path is mine.

Subtract they say,
Don't cry,
Back to the desk,

Forget addition,

And I reply,
This is why,

R e m a i n d e r s
H a t e
D i v i s i o n.

  • Triskelion

    Well Isn't that just SUPER.

    3 years agoReply
    I'm back. I suppose I haven't been on in a tad while.


    This rp is a super hero rp. All kinds of murderer's lurk the place, psychos crawling in the streets, no one is safe.

    So the Super's are here to stay, help, and fight. Some even may find love. But that's a weakness.


    Full Name:
    Super Hero Name:
    Does everyone know that you are a super hero or just know the super hero side of you?:

    Full Name:

    3 years ago
    @[Cry Baby] Go ahead
    3 years ago
    Full Name: Grace Mccoy Page
    BG: Unknown.
    Age: 18
    •-•Rhianna Temp. Leave•-•

    Full Name: Astex Chairty Castiel
    Super Hero Name: Whiplash
    Does everyone know that you are a super hero or just know the super hero side of you?: Just the superhero side.
    Age: 17
    Powers: Is able to run quickly, her hair is so long she can use it as a whip, and her eyes, when she wants them to, can show your worst nightmare.
    Appearance: I'll mumble both.
  • Triskelion

    I suppose I need a co-author....

    3 years agoReply
    I do not have a name and do not ask for one.

    I am known as my user and that is all. My persona is very mysterious and dark according to some, and they like that I suppose?

    I do not use emotes in sentences so people seem to take that as I am being rude. I am not.

    I am just one person looking for someone to co-write with me, the book has not been plotted up, so we will do that together, I assume. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    And I will not say that I do not bite, because I do.


    Trash Nebula
    2 years ago
    Are you still looking for a co-author?
  • Triskelion

    \\|We Are Who We Become Rp.|//

    3 years agoReply
    Please forgive me for I have recently just pulled this idea out of my ass. So if it doesn't make sense, ask. And it will be written very poorly but oh well.

    This Rp takes place on a planet or in a dimension that we're not on/in, where everyone looks the same. Same hair color, same eye color, same skin tone. The things that keep them from being clones of each other are height, personalities, body shape (no one has the exact same body shape), hairstyle (wavy, curly, straight, ponytail, etc), and their voices.

    Some scientists were hired to genetically modify a group of willing people to be able to fight in wars to end them quickly, and to protect the planet. These people were modified to take on a different appearance from the typical race as well as from each other so that they were easily discernible from anyone else. They also have exceptionally better senses as well as abilities.

    Obviously for it to be really interesting, a war would have to ensue or a planetary invasion would have to be attempted (or both) and the genetically modified people would go fight and shit. During the war, they'd make friends, and possibly even fall in love. I suppose if you wanted to kill off your character, you could, but I typically don't like doing that if I really like said character. >.>;

    All of the genetically modified people were taken in the age range of 3-10 within a few months of each other. All were taken from orphanages or off the streets, something like that. The actual roleplay would likely take place about 15 years after they were taken, making their age range 18-25. However, if everyone wanted we could probably start it out with everyone getting taken by the government but that might be a little boring. Also, prior to the genetically modified characters that we would play, there were many many others that didn't survive the modifications. So our characters would be when the scientists figured out how to make it work without killing the subjects.

    You are all branded with a tattoo whether it's small, large, whatever. You each pick what that tattoo is and what it means to you, got it? It cannot be the same color,thing, etc as anyone else's or you will be kicked.

    Also, no one can have the same ABILITIES. NADA.

    Sound good?


    Full Name:
    Age now:
    Age taken:
    Color of skin:
    Tattoo/Color/What it is:
    (You all have one scar, choose where it is.)
    Scar/Placement/Looks like:

    MY FORM:
    Full Name: Clea Amitra Capriano
    Age now: 16
    Age taken: 3
    Abilities,etc: Very strong/dark illusions along with everything to do with the mind, erasing memories.inserting memories, controlling them, etc
    BG: When she was being tested on, something had gone wrong and she brutally murdered her family.
    Appearance: Said to be extremely gorgeous but she is always hidden behind a cloak.
    Weapons: Anything with a sharp blade.
    Senses: Unknown.
    Height: 5'5
    Color of skin: Tan.
    Tattoo/Color/What it is: Black.
    tattoo picture:

    (You all have one scar, choose where it is.)
    Scar/Placement/Looks like: Three claw-like scars across her neck, as if something had tried to tear her throat out.
    3 years ago
    You may.
    No it does not have to be. Your BG is whatever you make it to be.
    Cyborg ninja dude
    Can I join?
    Cyborg ninja dude
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