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Hola!! I'm Cierra and ima weird cookie :D
You see, my mom says that one day she was hungry so she went to the cookie jar and found me in there.. So now i'm her little cookie :3

I'm totally just kitten.. Haha... Get it? Kitten hahahaha...

I'm a very bubbly and hyper person. My friends call me CiCi and my daddy (roleplay) calls me kitten =(^~^)=

My favorite bands:
Falling in Reverse
Pierce The Veil
Sleeping With Sirens
Bring Me The Horizon
All Time Low
Blink 182
Asking Alexandria
Black Flag
And much, much more lol ^~^

I'm bisexual and currently in a relationship with one and only, beautiful Josie Ables.
Being gay is great!! Stay gay! :D

One last thing---

Unicorns are, and will always be amazing!! Haters will die by them n-n

Okie bye ❤✌ツ

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