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Potterhead, Text-based RPG Trainee and a growing writer.

Pursuing writing as a hobby started off during one rainy day when me and my mother was at home feeling outrageously bored. My mother suggested that I write for her a story to keep us both entertained so I tore a few pages from my notebook, took a pencil and started writing.

It was an amateur piece of work as I was still young and immature but I enjoyed it very much and my mother was quite elated (her being the heroine in my story, after all). This led me to attempt to write a sequel to that first story but I never really finished it.

Just like the others, though, once I started writing, I couldn't stop. So instead of trying to put a stop to writing, I stopped myself from trying to quit writing instead.

And thus began my journey to improve as a writer and affect the world with good through my writing, even if it's a little.

"I always put a little of myself in my stories." ;D

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