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    Name: Ani :-)
    Boy: Niall and Calum :-)
    where: at Niall or Calums place
    Summary: I want them to fight for me and maybe a cute little happy end :-) THANK ZOU SO MUCH!
    1D and 5SOS Imagines/story's
    1D and 5SOS Imagin...
    To get your imagine in this movella all you have to do is to comment Example Your name: Chloe Boy: Niall Where:beach Summary: I want it to be romantic and for me and him to fall...
    4 years ago
    And summary: I would love if they were fighting for me and maybe a happy end :-)
    4 years ago
    Who do you want to get you
    4 years ago
    I will just pick if you want
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    Can I have a Calum/Niall one? :-) Mz name is Ani :-)
    Book of 1D and 5SOS Imagines :D [Closed Until Further Notice]
    Book of 1D and 5SO...
    This is just for the Directioners and 5SOS Family :D Just a book full of imagines, some may be short, some medium, some long.
    What do you want to happen?
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    It was awesome, thank you so much! :)
    One direction imagines
    One direction imag...
    One direction imagines i am new at this so i will probably not be very good at this umm hope you like it:) Please leave any reqests in the comments and i will try to write them NO DIRTY have a lovely...
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