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What is your favourite colour of marshmallow?
I'm Jess and I have a small ( Oh who am I kidding a LARGE) bordering-on-obsession with the internet, saying kawaii, Youtubers (*cough* Daninsnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Shane Dawson, Capndesdes, Smosh etc etc *cough*), Twitter, Tumblr (not so much), Pokemon, BANDS and loads of other shizzle.
I am BRITISH and I am NOT POSH I am articulate there is a difference.
Follow me on Twitter @ExcuseMeLlama for a free non-existent llamallamaNICKLE surprise c:
You are the cutest snuggle-marshmallow I HAVE EVER SEEN.
Check out my book (s) c: OR DON'T. But I will love you more if you do. c: :3 =^.^=

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