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    Laureeen, it's liv by the way. This is probably going to be a long comment so yeah.
    I think you have a good plot line, but some things that would make the story better is adding some details to the chapters and giving Bri dynamics like flaws and stuff that get in the way of the relationship between her and harry and cause drama and stuff because drama is always fun! Re read your chapters lots once you've written them I found that helps lots when i write chapters for my stories. Anyway Lauren, you have a good plot and I'm interested to see how you work it, xxxx
    My Irresistible ex...
    My Irresistible...
    "Guys... I think I like him again..." Bridget says to her best friends Eleanor and Sarah. Bridget Porthand and Harry Styles used to be one of the hottest couples around. But now they have split up but...
    4 years ago
    Hahah I have a lot planned for the story and don't worry there is drama coming in a few chapter :) xx
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