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If the world chooses to become my enemy, I will fight like I always have - Shadow The Hedgehog

Gamer (mainly sonic games) and animal management student. I love Sailor Moon and Sonic :)

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    mumbled "Embarassment + my boy"

    2 months agoReply
    Does anyone ever look back at their old movellas and think "why the hell did i write this?" Because I just did...
    My boy guinea pig got castrated yesterday, hes a bit slow and wobbly but he is perking up a bit - I made him a new toy :)
    2 months ago
    I used to not know the smallest thing about graphic design my covers were so cringey
    2 months ago
    haha :')
    Book Maker
    2 months ago
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    I read my last year mumble lol
  • UltimatePiko
    This is awesome :) please update :D
    Lost Memories
    Lost Memories
    Silver the Hedgehog lives in the future. He lives a great life: working for a secret agency, owning a beautiful house, and having psychokinetic powers, but when a strange hedgehog comes around, he learns...
  • UltimatePiko
    I've been reading this since the first chapter and it's still amazing �� please update! ��
    The spy with the lip ring
    The spy with the...
    In which a top secret boy chooses a not so secret girls room to hide in. Paition's life was turned upside down when The Other Side saw Luke sliding into her room for cover. Not only does she face life...
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    Aww thanks
  • UltimatePiko
    please please please update :D :P
    Lovely♡ Lrh ♡
    Lovely♡ Lrh ♡
    [LUKE HEMMINGS FANFICTION] "You don't know how lovely you are." ☓☓☓ Aly is a 16 year old punk. She is constantly gets in trouble and has even been in juvenile court before. Her parents finally had...
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