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Hi! My name is Nicky Fasasi. The whole Franta thing in my username, is the last name of a famous youtuber: Connor Franta!!

I like unicorns, Nutella, Arizona Tea, Taco Bell, youtubers, writing, skateboarding and math!

I don't give information about my exact age and personal information so don't even bother to ask.

If you decide to read my work, go ahead! It's called 'She Changed Me' and is also available on Wattpad. On Wattpad, I've written more chapters, that will soon be posted here :)

IG: UhO2L (it's a fanpage and
I don't have a personal)

I don't have anything else to say because sweg.

  • UhNickyFranta
    Although I haven't finished reading up till the part you stopped at, I can genuinely say that this story is fantastic!!
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