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    mumbled "Security risks of flying"

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    So there I was, on the plane minding my own business. Well, I say minding my own business, I was in fact asleep.

    I was prodded and immediately woken by the woman sat beside me, who proceeded to speak gibberish, I responded, 'sorry I don't speak French' to which she replied (in American) 'sir you do know that I could have stolen your wallet' I noticed that my wallet (which was in fact my notebook) was safely stored in the compartment in front of me. Suddenly a wave of witty British responses flooded through my head, but the only response I chose to exit my lips was 'you seem trust worthy enough' and then returned to my slumber, amidst mumblings of 'it can happen'.

    I woke just in time for the plane's landing, the woman gives me a nod of pity, and left. As I got up I noticed that her now empty seat is occupied by her passport, which on further inspection, also had a credit card stored inside.
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