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  • Tyler Landson
    Of all 93 people who have apparently read this, it would be nice to see some criticism to help me improve...please.
    Will the Ravens Sing?
    Will the Ravens...
    "Will the raven's sing over our graves after we're all dead and gone," Dramug shouted, "Will we go down in legend or will it be those that we save. Mark my words, we will be forgotten." After being...
  • Tyler Landson
    crack heads? wrinkles? I love it :)
    The Bus Through No man's Land
    The Bus Through...
    Intelligence, obedience, fitness, health. Those are the 4 words that make up this society. Those are the words of survival in here. They tell you that family doesn’t matter, love is a weakness we need...
    Talia West
    4 years ago
    thanks...I think :)
    Tyler Landson
    4 years ago
    I swear it says tat the English teacher is MISS Wells, not a man
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