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No longer active. Look for my new account under the user name shadowwhisper. I may be rewriting and reposting some of my old stories on there and under the username list, for my original stories.

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    mumbled "A new account "

    I have a new account therefore I will not be posting on here anymore. On that new account I may be rewriting and reposting some of my stories on there. Look for the user name shadowwhisper.
  • Amy Roberts
    Update soon!
    Lucky Number 13
    Lucky Number 13
    Lukas Farley has never had the best luck with dating guys. Hell, he's gone through twelve awful dates in a month. But what happens when his bad luck brings him something great?
  • Amy Roberts
    I can't wait till you update again! <3
    Boy meets Boy and Boy and Boy
    Boy meets Boy and...
    Eric is boy who meets boy after boy after boy and battles with his feelings for each of them. Romance and friendship is a fine line in his case. Trigger warning for homophobic slurs
  • Amy Roberts
    Why...did I like..that.
    I mixed the lyrics from one of Kelly Clarksons song into this first chapter... Harry hopes for a peacuful vacation, but what happens when Draco shows up and change everything? And what happens, when school...
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    I liked it
    Im a writer
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