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Hey. I'm me. Just a quiet girl.

Writing has always been one of my top grades in school. But when it comes to writing public stories,I tend to stumble. A lot. But I'll always enjoy it. It's one of those things that can't stress me out,but just take me into a different world where I can let my feelings out.
I'm not normal. Yet again,no one is. But I am me. Girl that enjoys and lives in many fandoms. Loving Youtube,boybands,and books.
My life would be boring,and lonely without my friends and family. I love them both to death. I also love this band called 'Big Time Rush'. Yeah. I know. They're the best. My eyes are on one of the boys the most,though. Carlos Pena Jr. I also love Logan Henderson. Yet again,I love Kendall Schmidt,too. But then there's that hazel eyed man who goes by the name James Maslow and can make my mind go blank any day.

So there you have it. I'm a shy gal who doesn't talk much. But if you're my friend,that's a whole different story. I'm totally up to making new friends,too. PM me anytime,and I'd be glad to respond. I've been told I give great advice,and can help people out in their troubled days.

Overall,I'm just another person on this rotating world I don't understand. But I'll make it through.

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