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Heya! I am Maare, a **very** weird person from Estonia. I write fantasy stuff, which I never upload because 'first draft' is the only state my writing is in (kudos to all of those who can just whip up something worth reading as only a chapter, though).
I'm sapphic as hell, and you can not stop me <3
I don't believe in running, because the shoes are uncomfortable. I love cats, and I have a little chick who can't really walk, but lies a lot. I'm still not sure whether it's a hen or a plane.
I have nothing to do in my free time, so I draw, write myself something to give me even a chance and NaNoWriMo 2017, do random stuff on YouTube, and live in a little cave of mine located in the internet. Come on, have a seat!

I've got cinnamon rolls.

If anyone wants the covers I've ever made them, please just tell me. I have all of the files still on my computer.

  • maarethesapphic

    mumbled "Online Again... After 2 Years!"

    Does anyone on this platform even remember me anymore? I was the user known as @Twaaaaa, but now I'm here as @[maarethesapphic] . I revamped the cover store, because I still have nothing to do with my free time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe I'm just terrible at planning my time. I have been writing in the past 2 years, but nothing that I'd (at least) ever think of posting or publishing, because that makes me think about the quality of my writing. It's good to be back, though <3
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