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I should be doing Psychology...

by , Wednesday February 8, 2017

At school...

I should be doing what I'm supposed to be doing... which is Psychology.

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  • Tuesday

    mumbled "I'm Horrible"

    4 months agoReply
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    I haven't been on in a long ass while... though not like anyone cared seeing how I'm a small nobody in a large blogging site... but I still feel rather guilty for not updating on my book and so I apologize. Just recently got back into school and due to the fact I am graduating this year I need to push my butt to get the credits I need to do so. So, no doubt I'll be a bit... ehh with updates and being active on this site... not like anyone cares... why am I even writing this? No one will bloody see it anyway...
    Mercury Chap
    4 months ago
    Ughh same here >.< the last year of school sucks away all your energy and time.

    The thing is this site has been pretty quiet for a while, a lot of people who used to be here a lot are in the same situation as us. I only visit this website for a few minutes because of the obvious lack of time. I won't be able to your movella right now, but I'll recommend it to someone who might review it :)
    But really don't give up on writing even if you feel no one is looking.
    Squonk of the Nightshade
    Write because you enjoy writing. If we don't then it becomes a chore. Movellas is wonderful when you get feedback and comments, but at times it feeling like wading through treacle, such is the lack of feedback. Some suggest feedback swaps but I think as writers we should be encouraging others to write by reading and commenting, helping others as we would want help. We all have busy lives but a few minutes taken reading and commenting each day raises a smile on others faces. Don't give up, I understand the pain like a lot here.
  • Tuesday

    mumbled "Really?"

    1 years agoReply
    I regularly wear a beanie completely covered in a different array of pins to my high school. Never been called on the few swears on a few... until now. Three sayings of Fuck... in high school... isnt acceptable? I'm not exactly saying f you or anything... why should it be problem?
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