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Um Hello ^^
My name is Tucker
Dont make fun of my name or I'll find you and kill you c:
I don't really know what to put here c:
So buh-bye c:

  • Tucker Goes Meow C:

    mumbled "Herro? C:"

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    Um Herro.
    I believe I know your boyfriend cx
    S. Kisaragi
    4 years ago
    It is fun. You get to meet some awesome people!
    Tucker Goes Meow C:
    Awesome! C:
    Other than you, who else is awesome on here
    Elphaba's lost sister
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    Hello! You don't know me yet, but I'm friends with a certain anime freak * cough cough* Malak *Cough cough* I believe I may be of some assistants with finding incredibly amazing people on here. Thewitchwithoutherletter Or our friend Bekah is brilliant at writing, though she may deny it, Mustachethecereal, or more well know as our friend Hayley is another brilliant writer. There are so many more people, but because I have the memory of a walnut, I've blanked out on. If you come to anyone of our pages you'll find everyone. Hope you like it here, cause I sure do :)
    ~Mary Kate
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