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I love to listen to Black Veil Brides.. I like watching glee.. I hate liars and cheaters.. If you don't have anything nice to say then don't speak to me.. I'm not afraid to talk back.... I listen to Black Veil Brides, Eminem, Nickelback, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, and many others.. I am also a lesbian.. But I'm not into labels... I am dating Santana White an amazing girlfriend.

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    mumbled "Life is hard"

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    I've been having a rough year... If you look into my eyes you will find every tear... Don't ask me if I'm okay... Leave me alone is all I'm gonna say..
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    mumbled "Life As We Know it"

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    It is so exhausting to pretend you're okay when you're not. But when you try to tell someone you're not okay do they listen? Do they even try to understand? No all they do is say it all gets better in the end.. But truth be told it never gets better.
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    mumbled "Movellas"

    So my girlfriend Santana decided that I need to update all of my stories so I might update them today or some today some tomorrow it all depends
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    I'm mad at you
    I swear upon the moon (COMPLETED)
    I swear upon the...
    Ritsuka...is growing restless..because Soubi left.. Ritsuka thinks it's all his fault... will Soubi return in enough time to save ritsuka from himself and his mother. find out in i swear upon the moon
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    I loved it
    (2p) England in wonderland
    (2p) England in...
    One day when 2p england was bored he followed the white prussia rabbit to the place called wonderland. He knew of this place in story books. so he decides to explore! find out what happens! 2p england-from...
    5 years ago
    Thank you veeerrryyy muuuuuccchh
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