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Hello my name is Tristan, to be frank I like to write, mainly fantasy/thriller and other types, I am making this profile to share my writings, if I get a good review or not is besides the point (although it would help greatly XD) I would just like to be seen really, so thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy what I post!

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    Hello everyone! :)

    I am an aspiring writer, seventeen years of age and cooped up in an old country town. I would love to hear some feedback on my story and stories to come, I love to talk about all sorts of things, I tend to ramble however, but I digress, this is just me trying to reach out a friendly hello to everyone, so hello! :D
    Tristan Aaron Stevenson
    Hello hello :3

    its good to meet some people :3
    I plan on being as active as I can, I'll be putting up a lot more of my stuff after the competition running at the moment, I look forward to reading all of your stuff! :D
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