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Secluded in his hermitage at the base of the Adirondacks, Travis writes young adult fantasy that takes him to strange worlds and interactions with alien beings. He has visions of traveling the country, living in random spots until he finds that one place that's just right for him. Until then, he will continue to be scared of real-life people and situations he can't control with his keyboard.

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His works include:

#0 - Dragon Born (a short story lead-in)
#1 - Dragon Plagued
#2 - Dragon Forged
#3 - Dragon Soul (coming soon)

#0 - The Dead of Sanguine Night (a short story lead-in)
#1 - Under a Vampire Moon
#2 - Sanguine Ties (coming soon)

THE HARBINGERS OF LIGHT (Fantasy meets Norse Mythology)
#1 - A Plague of Shadows
#2 - The Darkling Tide
#3 - A Lament of Moonlight
#4 - The Chosen of Anthros
#5 - The Fires of Muspelheim
#6 - The Call of Winter
#7 - Twilight of the Gods
#1-7 The Complete Harbingers of Light

THE REVENANT WYRD SAGA (An epic, high fantasy series)
#1 - The Bonds of Blood
#2 - The Mirror of the Moon
#3 - The Well of Wyrding
#4 - A Guardian of Shadows
#5 - On Wings of Chaos
#6 - The Turquoise Tower
#1-6 The Complete Revenant Wyrd Saga

#1 - Desolation (soon to be revamped)

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