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    mumbled "Alien attcacks for cheese"

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    I was at the pet store one day, when i thought- "I like writing and typing stories, so why not try out a writing thing...hmm..." So, next thing i new- aliens were coming down and trying to destroy me! I hid in the corner, when one of them came up behind me and asked where the cheese was. I showed him to the cheese. He asked what cheese was good, and i said American cheese. He grabbed a thing of American cheese and went off to pay. As i did this with thee alien, the ship was shooting rainbow lasers at the store! I asked the alien why they were shooting lasers at us all, and he said to me "Do you know what a worm is? I like worms. I hear they are kinda weird but really fun!" i said to him "They are very fun." Then he said to me "Well, that sounds nice. But, k must get back to the ship. Good Bye." The a light beam shot down and lifted him away. Then, not long after, i woke up.
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