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Basically I dance and write. :) Thank you to my very few and lovely fans:*

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    The Styles Brothers
    The Styles Brother...
    Carter and Harry, the styles brothers. Ones a badass. Ones to good to be true. One gets in all the trouble. One gets all the fame. Can you guess who's who? Bella Mary Wells. Sweet, sensative,...
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    mumbled "UPDATE!"

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    Hey Guys! As you know, I update Beauty and a Geek almost everyday. I'm going to update it this afternoon if any of you are wondering:). P.S. The Beauty and a Geek fan fiction title was kind of changed. It's now "Beauty and a Geek: Larry Stylinson" because I heard there is already a movella called Beauty and a Geek, and I don't want to copy anyone. Thanks for reading! Love you guys:)

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    mumbled "I hate to annoy anyone...."

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    Helloooo! I've been on a break from Movellas for a while, but I'm back now! I have a new Larry Stylinson fanfic called "Beauty And The Geek" and I wouldn't mind if you guys read it. If you're a directioner and do NOT ship Larry, then I don't think you'll enjoy it. No mature content it's just because I don't want any hate on my page. Thank you!!
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    Thanks!!!! @KatJohnson
    Tessa lives with her Dad and his girlfriend in Alabama. She's an ordinary teenage girl, doing ordinary teenage girl things.Tessa thinks her life is going pretty well, until last year. when she realized...
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