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    mumbled "Thank you!"

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    Hey Readers!
    I just want to make a small mumble!
    Thank you so much for reading my Fanfic's and comment on them. A lot of you guys really saved the stories, i almost gave up my hope to continue them, but as soon i got comments and read them. It gave me the hope back! A small fact before this ends!
    I will continue a few more chapters on "Raising Harry Sequel" I don't know how long "In Games We Find Love" will be, since i still have a lot to write out. "The Black Phoenix" Is slowly returning back again to be updated a lot more.
    At last, i still want to say thank you guys! Thanks for Supporting me, thanks for comment and a huge thanks for reading my stories/Fanfic's.
    That's all i wanted to say!
    Until laters!
    - Tomtom713
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