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Check out my deviantart page as well, TohruHinada
I write some of my own stories, such as Dimensions series. I also write A LOT of fanfictions, especially Homestuck and X Reader fanfics. Feel free to message me anytime

oh and here's my kik as well if you want to get a hold of me asap

Practical Hiatus

by , Thursday April 27, 2017

Future Plans and Ideas

XD I'm still alive

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  • Tohru Hinada

    mumbled "Shoutout to all Homestuck fans"

    i have a lot of homestuck fanfictions. the orignal/ x reader versions can be found on deviantart by TohruHinada. Here i will do homestuck X ocs.
    later and have a fun day
    1 years ago
    (It's hell in many ways...)
    It's a webcomic by Andrew Hussie, on MsPaint. It's about for kids who play this game and there's like... Messed up timelines and an alternate race... And uh... Uh... It's really complicated.... There's a lot of death in it, and everyone who reads it somehow... Can't stop reading... (We sold our souls to hussie, get out while you still can)

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