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  • tofuwarlock914

    mumbled "Time to draw the line... "

    Which is better?

    Tater Tots V.S. Hash browns
    Reply me your answers!
    1 years ago
    Tater tots
    Ninja Togepi
    1 years ago
    It totally depends on what ur eating with it, bro. Like, with eggs and bacon, tater tots just aren't as perfect as hash browns. But with maybe a hamburger or hot dog, hash browns just can't beat tater tots, man. :l I feel it's an equal match.
  • tofuwarlock914

    mumbled "Hey! Any Ideas for a fanfic?"

    Please Some ideads for a fanfic! Thanks!
    Ninja Togepi
    2 years ago
    FNAF is always a good option. Um, Legend of Zelda is cool, or Super Mario Bros. Pokemon is a good one too. Or maybe Sonic the Hedgehog. Or a fanfic based on a creepy-pasta. :)
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