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    mumbled "You're no good for me: a Harry styles imagine"

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    You are coming home from the beach with your BFF. Your boyfriend, Harry who you met at a Skrillex concert, was on a trip to Scottland. He wasnt supposed to be back for another 3 days. The past 5 days have been long. "Only a few more days," you started to weep a little. You decided to go take a shower when the door creaked open from your 3-story beach house in Miami, Florida."h-hello?" You decided to shake it off. You grabbed 2 turquoise towels. As you where about to undo your hot pink bikini top a large hand came from behind you and grabbed the breast cups and in a quick motion was plucked of and sent flying toward the toilet. You swiftly turned your head, only to see the tall, curly-head boy that was your boyfriend. You cupped your boobs, as you wanted to make him beg for them, you were a tease. "Babe c'mon," his voice was so sweet and pure. "Beg babe. These bad boys have to be earned." He dropped his blue jeans down, leaving you to pull the boxers down. "Baby i need you." He pulled down the boxers a few inches, leaving you to see the first inch of the dick. You couldn't resist to bite your lip. In spite of the 10 inches waiting, you refused to break. He remembered the bra-like swim top and ran out of the house with it. That was your favorite, $400, swim top. You where torn. You gave up and went chasing after that sexy Harry, dropping your cupped hands and exposing your tits to the people on the beach. Luckily, the nearest person was far away. After all, it was 10:30 at night, so you didnt care who saw your flawless boobies. Finally, he stopped. He devilishly smiled as he bit and sucked your nipples. It felt surprisingly normal. This was probably the 7th time you've had sex with him. But that was forever started kissing
    Hardly. You climbed atop him like a monkey and placed your feet at the top of his boxers, leading your feet to his large dick. He started smiling in the kiss, not breaking it. You lead your feet out of the boxers and slipped them of in a quick movement. You looked down to see what you've been waiting for. Mmh, the last time you had him it tasted like heaven. "Not do fast y/n, your pussy hasn't been revealed yet!" The whole world probably knew you where about to come in. You let him break the kiss as he hooked his teethe on your bottom. It tickled as he slowly pulled down the thong like material, his curls rubbing against your body. He rubbed your 'other' pair of lips making you wet. You grabbed the ten inch 'hose' and slid it into you. He grabbed your breasts, massaging the left, while sucking, biting, licking, and sliding it over his shoulder while leaning down, as your tits where mammoth. You have waited for a long time for this. After 3 hours of sucking, licking, and riding, you got tired. Forgetting about your clothes, you walked the beach, hands untwined, full nude. On a couple of occasions harry stopped you to pick you up bridal style and suck your nips like it was his fucking job. Yum, he is good. You could still taste him. As you walked, a little boy spotted you guys and asked his mom, "why is that man chewing on that girls flans?' Only for his mom to reply by covering his eyes looking in discuss. You giggled and later had 3 hour shower sex.
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