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I am of the female gender and I hate stalkers so no personal info from me....
I love pop music
I love to sing
I love to dance but am horrible at it
I love to act
I love to write
I love to read
I can't write songs to save my life but Im good at melodies
I love Cats (the animal and the musical)

  • tinselrose
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    You probably ahve music for them but you weren't able to post the music for it... Im wondering If i can come up with music for it? I wont sing it anywhere or post it anywhere (I hope you can trust my promise) I just like making up melodies but I am horrible at making lyrics. Or if not are you willing to write me lyrics? I really love your songs!
    My Songs :)
    My Songs :)
    Here, I have a compilation of my written songs (that are ALL originals) in this Movella! Please, please, please tell me what you think of them! You don't have the music....but you have the lyrics! Hope...
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