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If you're reading this, I assume that you simply don't know who I am. This passage is an attempt to rectify this.

I am Timothy Turpin - writer, teenager and musician - all of these full time. I live a busy life. What can I say? (Snark.) As a writer, I'm a prolific author of short stories (at least twenty to date) and two half-novels, which I think should count as one novel, but people tell me differently. I write all sorts of stuff: novels, novellas, short stories and scripts. I'm a veteran of NanoWriMo 2011, August's Camp NaNoWriMo 2012 and Script Frenzy 2012. If that doesn't gain me kudos, then what does?

Asides from writing, I engage in further creative pursuits: I play both the electric guitar and the clarinet (weird combo, I know) and sometimes write songs. But writing makes up most of my life.

If anyone wishes to contact me for any reason, DO leave a comment and DO contact me at: And no, Timothy Turpin is not actually my real name - simply a pseudonym that I go by. Heheh.

If you want to find me on Figment, I'm listed under the same name as I am here - good luck finding me now.

I guess I'll see you around Movellas... Write to live; live to write.

Turpin out... but not for long.

  • Timothy Turpin
    I have to say, very little thought seems to have been given to this piece... Nothing personal, but from what I've seen insofar, I really don't like your style of writing. This is perhaps just me, but bear in mind that what one person thinks, another is also likely to think.

    Give thought to your writing: don't just write for the hell of writing.
    Brush, Clean and Fold
    Brush, Clean and...
  • Timothy Turpin

    Your Novel...?

    Come on, we're all dying to hear it: what's your NaNoNovel about? To start you off, I've added mine from last August and this month...

    'Seeing Red' - basically about a guy who finds a knife that can kill people and bring them back an hour or so later. I don't even know where all that stuff came from; it's highly disturbing to think that my mind has given birth to such a concept...

    'Through Those Dark Doorways' - my attempt at a zombie thriller/horror, though to put it that way is a little crass. This WriMo, I'm continuing TTDD, hoping to add another 50K to the 6K I already have.
    5 years ago
    Wow Tim - didn't know you were so dark!
    Well, mine's called 'Elevea's Child', set in the land of Elevea which is overrun by the 'Vanus' which are basically zombies. The Vanus are gathering around one of the last fortified cities of Hinnid and are threatening the people's existence there. So King Sormol sends his son, Prince Falnon and a farmgirl, Marda, across Elevea to find the Pistos, a group of magic people who swore to help the people of Hinnid should the need arise. This basically follows their journey, encounters and discoveries as they find the Pistos and return to save their home, before it's too late... duh duh duh!!
    Hit 22K today, feeling rather pleased :)
  • Timothy Turpin
    I need to try doing this at some point; this is a great idea!
    The Writer's Rant
    The Writer's Rant
    There are so many things writers do to piss me off. Starting with cliches and bad humor, this is just a guide/rant to some things. I personally do some of these things so if you want to call me stuff,...
    Nova XWN
    5 years ago
    thanks,someone told me I get angry easily and I just decided to make this. Which reminds me, I need a new chapter! :)
  • Timothy Turpin
    I just checked out the swapits site - they say that the runner-up prizes are 500 swapits as opposed to 1,000. What's the deal there?

    Also, having scouted around a little, I have worked out that the overseas prizes are worth a ridiculous amount more than anything you could 'buy' with 5,000 swapits.

    It ain't worth it, UK residents! Go live overseas and enter there!
    5 years ago
    Swapit is really cool! I love it...i get loads of cool free stuff with my points. :D
    5 years ago
    But 500 to 1000 isn't a lot to bid with. I agree with Timothy Turpin.
  • Timothy Turpin
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    Shouldn't this be categorised as fanfiction?
    Back to Camp Half-Blood
    Back to Camp Half-...
    "I feel like that there is someone out there who understands me better than my mom. What I experienced that couple of days was something that someone would never want to have. Sadly, now I know, there...
    I dunno... actually... I think I put Fan-Fiction in the tags to find the story. Thanks I might change it...
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