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Timothy F. H. Doucette, is an unpublished writer, performance art poet, actor and musician and Board Member of D.D.P. studios Inc.

A son of a preacher, raised in a Christian household. After his family were excommunicated from a local church, his war with God and private agenda to find his true destiny began.

Timothy dropped out of high school and began a nomadic journey across Canada.

Throughout his teen years of bouncing back and forth from Toronto to Victoria, he would spend many sleepless nights on park benches or roaming the surrounding forests, saved only by a poets lament and a striving towards a dream.

Timothy has bent over backwards in the game of artistic recognition, from one coffee house recital to the next, from one rock 'n roll project to the next, from one bottle and pill to the next only to find lasting peace in a personal revelation of God and a spirituality crafted by his own method.

He has been married for 12 years and is the proud father of 3 boys... (5, 2 and 1 week)

He spent 7 years in his wife's country, Slovakia, employed as an ESL lector.

Timothy and his family reside in Toronto. He works as a Security Guard in a high-end condominium in downtown Toronto.

The childish dream of fame and fortune may have faded but what has remained with him throughout his life has been the pen... Or more recently the click click click of "documents to go" App on his iPhone.

Timothy has written a book of his memiors called Ghost Agenda and is currently working on a thriller, entitled; Confessions of a Concierge.He continues his performance art theatrical works in Toronto and his music can be heard on a variety of Internet web sites.

Most recently he is undergoing the tedious process of finding a literary agent to represent him as an author.

"Long live the intimacy of the lonely yet golden occupation of the written word."

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    mumbled "Open your mouth and say it!!!"

    How many times are we going to stand around with an "elephant in the room" and not say anything about it?! Whether it"s at work or at home or at school, or even at church... You know that something is dreadfully wrong or missing perhaps, its staring you in the face... the boss has long been abusive both verbally towards you and your colleagues, yet no one has the balls to stand up to the stifling atmosphere created by that tyrant, slave driving, creativity killing, drone! It just might be time you risked your job, position or relationship and tell the truth.
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    Sir. Pleasant to hear from you. Thanks for your comments on my work. I have only just begun to read your writing... But I have enjoyed what I have read so far. I prefer tight sentences and deliberate action in story telling and you do that well. Keep in touch.
    Death and Life
    Death and Life
    Here is a sample of something ongoing. One of those days, it will develop into a story, but until I get there, this is all that's going to appear on this site :) Please let me know what you think!
    Rob Marvin
    6 years ago
    Thanks. Will do :)
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