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    Hello. Today I got several messages saying that someone has been stealing my book. I am TimeWIllHealx on wattpad and this is MY book. My book is called Fallen too and it has the exact same plot. Please take this one down.
    Fell: Harry Styles Fanfic
    Fell: Harry Styles...
    Its every girls dream to find the right guy but not when the world has been taken over by vampires. Elle has turned 18 and must be auctioned off to some vampire, but what if Lord Harry decides to buy Elle...
    4 years ago
    I didn't copy u need to go bother the other people who stole ur book or whatever but anyone could've thought of the same name
    4 years ago
    But I took it down if it floats ur boat
    4 years ago
    Don't want ur feelings to be hurt
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