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  • Tigurtle
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    Please make Justin stop being so mean and have them be good to each other soon and please UPDATE PLEASE!
    You Can Run
    You Can Run
    There's one person who shares your tattoo with you. Mine, is a small bird on my lower left hip. The way our society worked was, this tattoo wasn't just any tattoo. You were born with this intricate marking....
  • Tigurtle
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    Name:Trinity Lattuca
    Look:brown flippy hair tall kinda big chest I guess skinny
    Personality:bubbly loud funny kinda outgoing and like the leader please put me in your story PLEASE!
    Black Blood
    Black Blood
    Laura Goth is 18 years old and has 1D's struck Of fandom!After the show Laura get's a little surprise From the 1D guys and is love struck by Harry Styles Laura Goth then finds the bands secret out...
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