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I am a goat *goat noise*

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    mumbled "stop with the drama!!!"

    i know that not many of you are going to read this , and i know that not many of you care about me on movellas but all the drama that's happening is getting annoying! i cant scroll down and not find someone having a go at someone else, movellas doesn't seem like its about writing anymore because of all the drama.
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    i get the feeling your talking about our school (i wonder why?)
    Lotta has always thought the sticky business of falling in love was a bit bizarre. Why? Because she has never experienced it herself. But then she begins to see her friend Jacob in a romantic new light-...
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    plz update
    Bad Ass Summer
    Bad Ass Summer
    It was a normal summer holiday with friends for Allison Cray. But what will happen when the bad boy of the town starts to chase her. Is it going to ruin her summer or make it better?
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    mumbled "check out my new book"

    be sure to check out how to survive life the first chapter is up now,if you guys could give me constructive criticism i would be grateful sorry if there are to many spelling mistakes my key boards a bit broken so i cant type very well
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    this book is amazing your are a genius :)

    101 Ways To Get Expelled From Hogwarts
    101 Ways To Get...
    •want to cause chaos? •wish to start war? •do you often have dreams of how amazing it would be if you got expelled? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the book for YOU, yes YOU!...
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