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    update plz love
    One Direction: That Was Us
    One Direction: Tha...
    Its been two years since One Direction parted ways after being together for ten years with Louis and Harry still being best buds, Liam and Zayn still live in London but haven't contacted each other since...
  • tiffany<31D
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    update please love. :-)
    ® Directioning A Directionator?
    ® Directioning A...
    ® Adoption. Something that you think would never happen to you. Being sent to an Orphanage for the rest of your teen life.. Well, It did for Victoria. Victoria isn't normal. She doesn't have bleach blond...
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    plz update u are a really good writer <3
    One Direction Imagines.
    One Direction Imag...
    Comment which boy you want it with, how you want it to happen, where you want it to be at, and what you look like/name etc!(:
  • tiffany<31D
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    can I have one with niall plz my names tiffany and can I have a dirty one plz <3
    One Direction and Ed Imagines
    One Direction and...
    Alright so I am so new to this, but I love to write so I figured I would try this, If you want an Imagines this is what you need to do. Name: If you have no name, I won't do it Boy: What member...
    4 years ago
    I'll try with what you gave me, should be up in a few days or so
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