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  • Tiana Montag

    mumbled "I don't understand?!"

    How do writers stay motivated to write one story? Like I can't just write one story continuously I have to write multiple stories at a time. How do y'all do it?
    Mister Tea
    1 years ago
    I do that, write for multiple stories, but I wish I could focus on one story at a time and not have such a messy approach where I never know from one day to the next whether I'm going to think of anything to write or which of my stories it will be for.

    I admire the ones that can contain themselves to writing one story at a time.
    1 years ago
    I'm weird, because I can ONLY write longer stories. I think it's something to do with how interested I am in the story; if it's a good plot idea, I'll always want to be writing it. I guess if you want motivation to write something longer the only thing I can recommend is to create a story and characters you actually care about and want to develop. (-:
    1 years ago
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    I used to always write lots of things, but now I'm (sort of xD) working on one writing project. I think that's probably half due to the fact I don't have as much time to write as I did a few years ago, so I don't have as much time to get distracted by other ideas so much, but I think it also helps to kinda force yourself to stick with one thing and ignore the other ideas - you can write them down and use them for later, or just integrate them into your current story somehow (as long as it fits xD). -Otherwise, doing a lot of research or planning it all out might help, as this might make you excited to keep going/remind you that you've already spent ages planning/researching for it?
    -You could maybe write down all your ideas, then look back on them after a while and decide which one you want to write, or combine the ones you want to write the most?

    I hope that helped! ^.^
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