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    (Chill, loud, exciting, interesting and popular)

    1) I want to be a Victoria secret model
    2) I have a lot of older friends
    3) I've dated a lot of guys making me known around high school but mostly for good things though
    4) I'm really tall for my age and have what my friends call a killer model figure
    5) I accidentally dated a drug dealer for 2 years named kurtis.

    I am a American.
    I'm Your Maid, Not Your Ladylove [Wattpad]
    I'm Your Maid, Not...
    Zac had it all, the money, the muscles, and the devilishly handsome good looks. Girls, to him, were like the free tomato ketchup sauces from McDonalds. Easy to get, free, and after he used them, he just...
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