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I'm a writer from Ireland. The stories are all true. There are leprecauns everywhere. They're becoming a public menace. Send help.

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    mumbled "50th Anniversary!!!"

    I think there should probably be some kind of therapy forum on here for Whovians who need to vent their feelings, travel forward in time etc. etc. can meet and cry and have crazy arguments.
    Well, I intend to reserve judgement until I see him in action as the Doctor. People gave Matt a load of crap before and he's pretty much level with DT in terms of my favourite Doctor. He seems like a sterling actor, I'll believe it more when I see him in costume. I'll be excited in a few months when I finish crying because Matt.
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    4 years ago
    I know, I think it was a bit of an odd choice, choosing Capaldi, but he is suppose to be a very good actor, so we'll see
    I think Steven had another idea, but then he though, 'Goodness we haven't even asked him'. He's a treasure. I dunno if he'll be The Doctor, but he is a fantastic actor.
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    mumbled "Oopsie"

    I seem to have become more than a little preoccupied over the past week or so. Sorry about that. I'm reading Atonement and it has taken over my life. Seriously, if you love language in any way, you have to read it! It is very difficult not to understand Briony when you're a writer.

    Anyways, I should hopefully be updating a few things. If anyone is particularly eager to see a particular story of mine updated, let me know. I'll be throwing up a few new one-shots of mine (mostly DW, but one Sherlock fic) and possibly a few poems if anything comes to me in Math class.

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