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��I'm 13, and My name is Abigail Guevara.
��I'm Mexican and I always wanted to start my own Movellas after enjoying reading others.
��Niall is my sexy future husband! (Taken)
��And I'm Batman not Batgirl!

❤️Kik: .batman.wifi.books.

��Snapchat: batman-wifi

��Instagram: batman_wifi_books



  • Niall'sDarling❤️
    Is she really pregnant?!?! Or was that a joke?!?! I gotta know!!!! And updateeeeeeee!!!!!!
    Mr.Malik 3 +16
    Mr.Malik 3 +16
    "Not even the gods above .. Can separate the two of Us .. Nothing can come between You & I " The Ending You'll Never Forget ..♥
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