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I mis-spell shit a lot because I am ultra-spastic. I like to read and write. I also like music, and play guitar and bass. Comment on my work, the feedback doesn't go unnoticed.

  • Thomas Writ

    mumbled "Something Cool"

    Cool Monologue posted! Check it out and give me some comments! Just got over a huge writers block that went on for months and I wanna step back into the game. I'm also gonna give it my all to be funny, so I'm gonna apologize now!
  • Thomas Writ

    mumbled "Intro chapter to story"

    Yah... so I just posted the first chapter of my new story Into Submission... its really just a bit that kinda introduces the main characters outside life a little before the "drama" begins. Give it a read.
  • Thomas Writ
    This is amazing... fyi
    The Gentleman Killer
    The Gentleman Kill...
    This is a story about a man without any real identity, he is defined by what he does; murder. The man travels around stealing and killing women usually, but he is unique in the way he does it. By making...
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