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I'm not a particularly good writer- though I still write. Determination is important!
And I love All Time Low and Pierce the Veil and Bring Me The Horizon and many other bands you've probably never heard of <3

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    mumbled "My new storyyyy! XD"

    Hey guys! I'd really appreciate if you could check out my new story. I've just published the first chapter and I know it's a slow start but hang tight, It's getting juicy in the next chapter:P So please please check it out, It's called 'Missing Souls Die Eventually'. Here's the link c:
    Missing Souls Die EventuallyQuinn "Q" Jacobs and Valentine Felicity are the low-down, alternative but perfectly happy couple that pretty much nobody knows about. They live in the...
    Thank you!
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    mumbled "Hi guys :D"

    I just uploaded another chapter to my story, 'Lost, I'd really appreciate if you guys could check it out c: It's about self ham and love and hate and it's getting pretty heated actually.
    Thank you guys! xD
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    read my movella called breathe me
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    mumbled "A new character?"

    Hi, I know this is a little off topic, but the story I've been writing is called 'Lost' and I was curious as to whether I should add a new character in it? If you haven't read it then please do, I'd really appreciate it, and if you can then give me some feedback for if I should introduce another character into it? I'm not too sure whether it would work or not but I want to see what others think. Thank you so much if you do! :)
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    mumbled "I want to help."

    I know we are all teenagers or just about here, and I was really inspired by my close friend to write my story 'Lost'. It's about self harm and love, and I'd really really love if you read it and commented on it. I just wanted to say that if you know anyone who has self harmed, or you do it yourself and you want to talk to someone, then I'm here for you. It's a topic I hold very close to my heart so if you'd like to talk to me then I'd love to talk to you too. Thank you so much.
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    Aw this seems so cool! Awaiting an update :D would you mind checking out my story 'Lost'? It's about self harm and love. Thank you so much :)
    Too Late To Drop Out Now
    Too Late To Drop...
    When Amy tells the news to her best friend, Caitlyn that they are going to a life changing trip to Italy, something goes wrong the first night. Amy & Caitlyn go on the run to save each other from a small...
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