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My name is Perla but some people call me Azu or blue or even link-.-t. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!Why you ask?I really don't know. I'm in cross country and track and I absolutely love it C: I running :D Think I'm crazy? Nope I'm not crazy I'm just weird.Im in cross country *VARSITY* and I love it! Being a freshmen is hard but I love it :) my best friend is Lizbeth Acosta and I absolutely love her! She is the bestest of best friends I can possibly ask for ^.^ My life is complete ^.^ Track & Field!!!!! I love it my events are 1600 and 3200!! I love One Direction, they are my idols. Liam(Daddy Direction)<3, Louis(the funny one that always makes me laughxD)<3, Harry(the flirt;D)<3, Zayn(the badass bandboy from Bradford)<3, & finnaly:

Niall ^.^(my little leprechaun, my beautiful Irish boy)<3<3<3<3<3<3

Haha xD I love jake miller<3 he is a beast singer and is very cute! Look him up people

I also love emblem 3!!!! They got famous EXACTLY THE SAME AS ONE DIRECTION!!! Keaton, Weston, and drew, <3

Also I love matty b he's a 9 year old rapper!!! He's good!!

I also love midnight red, Eric and Anthony are hot!!!!!


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