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    mumbled "Editor Contest!"

    I need editors! Okay, you have a choice.
    If you want to be a MOVELLIST editor, the requirements are:
    Good Grammar
    Interesting ideas
    To become an editor for MOVELLIST, write a mock article on a theory about one of your favorite books and post your article in the comments.

    If you want to be a THE MOVELLIAN A-LIST editor, the requirements are:
    A Good Sense of humor
    Light heartedness
    To become and editor for TMAL, write a mock article of a review of the movella of your choice, make it short and snappy but keep it interesting.
    There can be up to two winners for each section.
    @[Katy Erin]
    @[Lia is a cookie]
  • Lia is a cookie

    mumbled "unfair"

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    so we had English all day today and the teacher I got ended up giving me my first ever mark band 3 when someone who said the same as me got a mark band 5
    cause that makes sense
    2 days ago
    Oh right, yup. Band 0.
    I'm sure you didn't say it all wrong! You know what school is like-the teachers are too harsh with the marking.
    Lia is a cookie
    2 days ago
    then why did the other person get mark band 5?
    This wasn't my usual teacher btw, this was another teacher... a really scary deputy-head teacher o-o
    2 days ago
    Exactly! They don't really know you, and they're scary! :)
  • Lia is a cookie

    mumbled "this is quite weird"

    Yesterday and today quite a few of my teachers have been ill and so we got a substitute. The substitute teacher is my old (really nice) ICT teacher from my old school that I went to two years ago... And he recognised me and said "Hey Lia, do you prefer it here? It's really cool with the timing isn't it? 2:50 instead of 3:15, that's amazing!" XD He looks really different though. He now wears glasses and his hair used to be blonde (and there wasn't very much of it) but now it's red (not ginger red - red-red O.o) and there's quite a bit of it... :P It feels so odd when suddenly my old teacher comes into my new school; it's like combining the two schools o-O

    Also, I have five hours of English tomorrow. No other subjects. Just English. And not with my normal English teacher either, or people I like. Eek :c
  • Lia is a cookie

    mumbled "what does it mean when"

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    you smell burning but there is nothing burning at all where you are?
    It's really weird... :P
    Lia is a cookie
    3 days ago
    It's not to do with the computer Madouc - I had it a while earlier, when I wasn't on the computer, and it's still here now! :c
    Dystopia, maybe that is the reason.. Maybe, now my soul is burning, I shall burn yours too...
    3 days ago
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    Oh good. ^_^ At least that means you won't get an electrical fire.
    I'd go with Dystopia's idea.
    3 days ago
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