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"Do not be a sarcastic fish, Lia"~ Paul [A Chemical Reaction]- 28/09/2k12+2

FIRST OF ALL: I am an ambassador, so if you ever need help with ANYTHING, I'll be here to give it to you! (: Don't be scared to come to me :D [or all the other ambassadors :P]
Devoted all-animals lover - I will always be a slave to cats...
Devoted vegan also.
Lover of sports, hater of PE:
As long as sports are outside of school, I do a lot better in them xD because it's usually with people I want to play it with, in an area I feel comfortable playing it in.
- Tennis and swimming are the best sports ever, in my opinion.
Ever been a cat?
It's a fun experience; racing up palm trees, catching mice, pressing down on your slave's bladder so that they need the toilet but you've trapped them... hehehe
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    Guess what?

    I requested a re-mark for RE, as I was extremely close to a C
    I got a B and an E in the papers
    and I got the amount of marks required to get 1 mark below a C... in the paper I got a B in, which took me 1 mark below an A in that paper and 1 frickin' mark below a C overall
    See, this is my luck!
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    Worst day ever literally

    Teachers don't need to go assuming stuff and telling other teachers stuff... because it's all wrong! :/
    Luke J.RAmbass..
    Teachers just go with one side of the story...
    It's really annoying :/
    Lia is a cookieAmbass..
    it's not to do with sides of the story... it's to do with them bringing up the past and automatically assuming that this time I was doing the same as last time and basically getting really worried over nothing like seriously >.<
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    idk if you already know this (some might do)
    But if you ever want to work out a really large maths equation, there is a way easier method than using the 'cross' method or whatever... It's much less time-consuming as well ;D
    My example will be 90 x 93.
    Do 100 - 90 = 10
    Now 100 - 93 = 7
    10 x 7 = 70
    10 + 7 = 17
    Now do 100 - 17 = 83
    Simply add the x'd number to the end
    8370 is the answer
    This can work with a lot of other large multiplications too :)
    I was 9...and math is awesomtastic!
    Lia is a cookieAmbass..
    well I was 10 and I hated maths - still do...
    C.H. Potter

    86 x 94.
    100 - 86 = 14
    100 - 94 = 6
    14 x 6 = 84
    14 + 6 = 20
    100 - 20 = 80
    Answer is 8084.

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    Today we did badminton in PE and I was too scared to ask people to be partners so in the end I got put in a three with Louis and Jonny. Jonny was out most of the lesson tho so it was me and Louis for the most part. But we did it so there were 4 courts, and basically the court determined how well you were doing... The left one was for people who lost every game and the right was for those who won every game. Me and Louis were da bomb aand won every game XD and then Jonny joined (so we did switching) and we still continued our streak XD and were the unbeatable trio yay XD
    I'm just happy whenever I do well in PE because, for the most part, I suck... :P
    Lia is a cookieAmbass..
    Ah I love badminton, but no one else in my class seems to like it which sucks :/ we had to vote for sports at the beginning of the year and literally everyone voted for Zumba/yoga. -_- whhyyy
    But yeah, well done! Sounds fun! :)
    Lia is a cookieAmbass..
    What... No offence zumba/yoga lovers but seriously...
    We just do random sports XD
    I know I was sitting there like are you actually kidding me right now -.- The other class get to do badminton as well because everyone wanted to do it in their class.
    We used to do that haha but now it's all changed ^.^
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    I did le biology assessment
    Idk what grade i got yet
    but I know I got 15, not sure how many marks that is out of but most people got 9 so I think I did okay? XD
    Skyler Jensen
    i sucked at biology, so diddos for that score :)
    Lia is a cookieAmbass..
    According to last year GCSE results, biology is my strongest subject and physics my weakest. The reason I do rubbish in physics is purely my teacher: last year I had a bad teacher, but this year I have the worst teacher :( If I had a better teacher, I'm pretty sure chemistry would be my weakest subject... xD
    Skyler Jensen
    i was very good at chemistry, but my teacher was an excellent one
    Lia is a cookieAmbass..
    My teacher was quite good so I did quite well in Chemistry too :)
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