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    Hey, this is a nice start. :) Can't wait to read the next chapter :D
    Cruise Into Your Heart
    Cruise Into Your...
    Connor and Isabella meet on a cruise to the Caribbean, and what they thought was a few night fling, became something more. Their hearts wanted what they could not physically have. Izzy lived in Toronto,...
    17 hours ago
    Thank you! :)

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    mumbled "wow cold"

    i lost a fan :-c

    But on a more serious note, today I had two mocks. English Lit Paper 1 (Of Mice and men + inspector calls) and Maths Paper 1. In the English one, I think I did OK but there's never enough time to fit everything in and for the inspector calls question, basically all I did was repeat the storyline XD In the maths one, I did rubbish. No debate over that. Everyone says they did rubbish though... so maybe it was just a super hard paper :p
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    1 days ago
    @L2W, lol I wonder why XD the examiners will probably give extra marks for confronting the awkwardness
    @Apple, why are you sorry? c:
    @Sabitha, thanks :)
    1 days ago
    @[Lia is a cookie] They actually should! :')
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    1 days ago
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