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    mumbled "How do you find out if a cat has an owner?"

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    Because lately this cat - an extremely friendly cat (whom is also Diego's friend) who doesn't have a collar - has been coming into our home. He's been eating Diego's food, lying on our chairs, just exploring our house as if it were his own. Unfortunately, my mum had to put him out as he's not our cat, but we don't know if he has an owner or not. We could ask around but that might get a bit weird... And he might live a way away, if he does have an owner, and just randomly come to our road sometimes... maybe...
    So does anyone know any ways of finding out if a cat has an owner? Because if he doesn't, we're thinking of taking him in.
    6 hours ago
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    Ask the cat
    6 hours ago
    If the cat replies, then you know for certain

    That you're insane.
    Tangled In Strings
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    mumbled "Editor Contest!"

    I need editors! Okay, you have a choice.
    If you want to be a MOVELLIST editor, the requirements are:
    Good Grammar
    Interesting ideas
    To become an editor for MOVELLIST, write a mock article on a theory about one of your favorite books and post your article in the comments.

    If you want to be a THE MOVELLIAN A-LIST editor, the requirements are:
    A Good Sense of humor
    Light heartedness
    To become and editor for TMAL, write a mock article of a review of the movella of your choice, make it short and snappy but keep it interesting.
    There can be up to two winners for each section.
    @[Katy Erin]
    @[Lia is a cookie]
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    mumbled "unfair"

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    so we had English all day today and the teacher I got ended up giving me my first ever mark band 3 when someone who said the same as me got a mark band 5
    cause that makes sense
    3 days ago
    Oh right, yup. Band 0.
    I'm sure you didn't say it all wrong! You know what school is like-the teachers are too harsh with the marking.
    Lia is a cookie
    3 days ago
    then why did the other person get mark band 5?
    This wasn't my usual teacher btw, this was another teacher... a really scary deputy-head teacher o-o
    3 days ago
    Exactly! They don't really know you, and they're scary! :)
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