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"Do not be a sarcastic fish, Lia"~ Paul [A Chemical Reaction]- 28/09/2k12+2

FIRST OF ALL: I am an ambassador, so if you ever need help with ANYTHING, I'll be here to give it to you! (: Don't be scared to come to me :D [or all the other ambassadors :P]
Devoted all-animals lover - I will always be a slave to cats...
Devoted vegan also.
Lover of sports, hater of PE:
As long as sports are outside of school, I do a lot better in them xD because it's usually with people I want to play it with, in an area I feel comfortable playing it in.
- Tennis and swimming are the best sports ever, in my opinion.
Ever been a cat?
It's a fun experience; racing up palm trees, catching mice, pressing down on your slave's bladder so that they need the toilet but you've trapped them... hehehe
Winner of the Speechless comp
Placer in TFIOS comp
Placer in Eyes Of The Mind comp
I think I'm a member of the Nightshades and the Mavericks, but I can never be 100% sure.

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