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Devoted all-animals lover - I will always be a slave to cats...
Devoted vegan also.
Lover of sports, hater of PE:
As long as sports are outside of school, I do a lot better in them xD because it's usually with people I want to play it with, in an area I feel comfortable playing it in.
- Tennis and swimming are the best sports ever, in my opinion.
Winner of the Speechless comp
Placer in TFIOS comp
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I think I'm a member of the Nightshades and the Mavericks, but I can never be 100% sure.

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  • Lia is a cookieAmbass..

    Unfan me

    I mean it, do it!
    And don't you dare say 'no'
    I'm just gonna say "NO" and leave. No arguing please.
    Lia is a cookieAmbass..
    Rodrigo.R.R GoldlightAmbass..
    Nah, sorry, but I'm not going to unfan you for such an idiot reason as that. YOU may think you're a massive rubbish tip, but that's your opinion. I think the same about many people, none of which I am a fan of / like talking to (for the in real life ones). However, you are most definitely not one of those people, so I won't unfan you. Sound fair?
    Lia is a cookieAmbass..
    Rod, I'm crying because of the most stupid reason ever
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    im crying ;.;

    i hate losing an entire chapter to something you actually thought was OK its as if someone kicked you in the stomach and then suffocated you ;.;
    Nice? Yes. I am nice. (Shakespeare.)
    No, I didn't think you were, I was just saying that it's weird reading things with your name in it, though that rarely happens to me, because my name's really common and people tend not to use common names in stories or books or plays.
    Lia is a cookieAmbass..
    omg sorry! I didn't mean it in that way! ! I meant nice-nice modern-nice, not that nice! I'm so sorry!
    Yeah, I made it a common name to show she's normal, with a normal surname, but the other two personas have less common names, to show they're... different. April is more normal than Verity so has a slightly more common name but still not that common xD
    Aha, it's okay. XD
    But I'm not nice.
    And yeah, I hate my name. I hate my last name, too, but I'm just glad that I don't have my mum's maiden name, because then I'd have a common first name and last name. Very very common.
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    You are nice.
    I hate my name too, ESPECIALLY my surname :L
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    1. How do you people cope with all those notifications turned on?!
    2. I just went for my session with someone working for CAHMS and apparently I'm gonna have an assessment in a few weeks with puzzles designed for people aged 6 to 18. You start at age 6 and work your way up to 18. She wants to see if I'm advanced for my age, working at my age, or are underdeveloped for my age... I'm scared xD I mean, what if I get stuck at age 6? That'd be embarrassing... XD
    3. I decided to actually go in for my results, in the end, and my results are probably the most varying ever. I wish mock exams counted... [I got Bs and Fs which equalled Ds overall.. In the mocks I got As and Es which equalled Cs overall :/) BUT I did well in science, to my surprise :O and got a B overall, and a B in biology which means I could do it at A level to help me pursue my want to be a veterinary nurse! :O :D
    4. Mimi (the person I saw for CAHMS) said that she might email the school about me doing exams in a separate room, with extended time which would really help! Yay :D
    Antiquity Vaircome
    =_= Lia YOU'LL DO GREAT
    Lia is a cookieAmbass..
    especially in english, maths, science and whatever else i do next year
    Ahlaam NightshadeAmbass..
    Lia is a cookieAmbass..
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    Oh no...

    I used to have like next-to-no notifications ticked, but I just changed it so that. . . all notifications come up O.O
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    idk any more

    My parents are just horrible
    just because I've got a 3pm appointment at hospital
    they think they can ruin my plans
    Ahlaam NightshadeAmbass..
    parents are overrated
    Lia is a cookieAmbass..
    Actually Ahlaam, you've seemed a bit sad recently, I've noticed.
    I was gonna comment to you about it...
    Are you okay? I'm always here to talk
    Ahlaam NightshadeAmbass..
    Thanks Lia. c:
    Lia is a cookieAmbass..
    But are you okay? :c
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