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I would personally say I am not such the 13 year old that has been bought up, due to the typical facts of standard society. I am that of an indivual thinker, with a wide imgination which I choose not to share, as I do not want my concepts stolen as such. I am a rather large fan of the author J.R.R Tolkien,his perceptions and views inspire me as a writer. He is what I would say, the king of Fantasy and we should all learn to be as knowledgeable as he previously was, in his life time. I do not enjoy reading others stories or sequels if there is poor content, such as grammar or poor english, such as 'slang'.
I am a very knowledgeable and individual thirteen year old, with as I said, a wide imagination. I often like to rant over matters of grammar or poor english, so if I feel like your story is not up to scratch, with the ways of author language then I will not feel weak-willed to say otherwise.

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