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    mumbled "Your Father's Speech At Your Wedding..."

    I remember tucking her in at night before checking under the bed for monsters. I'd hold her little hand in mine as we prayed for sweet dreams. I remember taking the training wheels off and running with her down the sidewalk. She never wanted me to let go, but I did. I remember her obsession with boy bands and teen heartthrobs, she'd lock herself in her room and blast those sappy songs until dinner. I remember how one day I walked into her bedroom and saw her hanging posters of a kid with brown hair swooshed to one side, so long that you could barley see his eyes. His cheeky smile covered almost every inch of the wall I had painted her favorite color. I remember asking her "How long will this one last?" She looked at me with those big brown eyes and told me that "This one's different Daddy" I almost believed her. Never once did it cross my mind, not even in my wildest imaginations, that today I would be giving her away to the boy in those pictures on her wall. I remember watching this boy take care of my daughter, he protected her heart, her dreams. I remember watching this boy become a man, a man who had always inspired my little girl, a man who had always loved her unconditionally. I remember how he came to me with sweaty palms and asked for my daughter's hand in marriage. He told me The Lord had put my daughter in his life for a reason, and I believed him. Today I stand before you with nothing but love and happiness in my heart because I know that my baby is with the man of her dreams. The man who had always taught her to never give up on her dreams. To believe in her dreams because dreams do come true. Congratulations to my precious girl and new her husband. Justin and (your name), I wish you all the best in the world and..(your name).... I'm sorry, I should have believed you when you told me that you were going to become "Mrs. Bieber"... Never say never right?
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    mumbled "The Storm ~ Imagine"

    The storm clouds rumbled in fast, completely engulfing any bit of sunshine there was left in the hazy sky. “Looks like there’s gunna be a storm babe,” Justin said walking away from the window and over to the couch. He collapsed his body down next to yours. You sat close as the tv quietly played and distant thunder began to vibrate the house. “Lets go watch it!” you exclaimed hopping up from the couch and positioning yourself between his legs. You grabbed his hands and pulled him up to his feet.

    Justin stepped out on to the front porch first, holding the door open as you step out into the thick air. The boards beneath your feet creaked while you walked over to the rocking chair, taking a seat just as thunder cracked and the rain began to fall. Justin sat down in the rocking chair next to you and scooted closer. The sky was so eerie turning from blue to green to purple. Your eyes were glued on the changing sky but you could feel that Justin’s eyes were locked on your face. You smirked to yourself wondering what he was thinking.

    “Lets go out there!” you turned to him looking him straight in those big beautiful eyes of his. “Out there? Are you crazy (Y/N)? You can get hurt..” he spoke cautiously, eye contact never breaking. “Lets go!” you whined. He looked at you with his thinking face. Oh god that face was so sexy. “Ah fuck it!” he shrugged, giving up. In one swift motion he jerked his body towards you, quickly pressing his tender lips against yours before ripping away and pulling you down the porch steps into the storm.

    The rain hit your skin completely drenching the both of you within minutes. You ran down the driveway, making an effort to stomp in every puddle you saw. “I’m gunna get you baby!” Justin yelled over the pouring rain and thunder surrounding you. He sprinted toward you and you sprinted away, both of you laughing uncontrollably. He was getting closer and closer until finally you felt a pair of strong hands grasp your waist and lift you from your feet. You screamed and laughed as he playfully groaned in your ear, twirling you around before setting you down in front of him. He held you close, bodies stuck to each other, rain pounding on your skin. “I love you (Y/N)” he spoke. You giggled at his adorableness. “I love you Justin..” you spoke carefully. His lips quickly found yours and he held them there for a while. A deep passionate kiss. A kiss made to fit perfectly into a movie. Complete amazement filled your brain as his lips molded into yours. Moving perfectly as one. Your fingers grazed the back of his neck and you tugged at the ends of his dripping locks. His hands, placed firmly on your waist, traced ticklish circles over your slippery skin. When the kiss finally broke after what seemed like eternity , Justin spoke first.. “Alright lets get out of this rain! Your gunna get sick!” You brought your lips to his ear “How 'bout we go take a nice steamy hot shower…” you whispered. The look on his face said it all. His eyes flashes you a seductive glare and his toned arms were soon wrapped around your body, lifting you from the muddy pavement of the road and carrying you off to the bathroom for some fun.
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    Thank you so much! I made it myself:)
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